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Universal Healing Tao System is a practical system of self-development that enables individuals to complete the harmonious evolution of their physical, mental and spiritual bodies.


Universal Healing Tao System

All that you need
May not be before you
Or around you
But all that you need
Is definitely within you.
Sri Chinmoy

Universal Healing Tao System is originated by a contemporary Taoist master Mantak Chia, who succeeded in unifying the best from the heritage of his Taoist teachers in a harmonious entity. The system is based on millennia old concepts and techniques. Nevertheless it proved to be extremely effective when facing challenges of the present-day world – stresses, physical and emotional strain, obvious and hidden health disorders and the nearly major problem of a modern man – general dissatisfaction with his life, sensing his life as incomplete and unfulfilled.

So, what is Healing Tao? It is a practical system of self-perfection that enables to harmoniously develop oneself in physical, mental and spiritual plains.

The key concepts of Healing Tao are Yin-Yang theory, Wu-Xing (Five Elements), Chi (energy of life force). Without exaggeration, these traditionally Taoist terms laid the fundamentals of the entire Chinese civilization – the art of calligraphy, classical poetry and painting, martial arts, ancient China’s science and technology and, finally, traditional Chinese medicine owe their undeniable success no one but  ancient Taoists. Still, the Taoist art of achieving perfect health and inner harmony stays, beyond any doubt, most impressive. Active, beautiful, dignified longevity, including sexual longevity as well, is a brand of Taoism in general and UHT in particular.
Although spiritual in its basis and ultimate goals, UHT system is not a religion. It is compatible with all confessions and atheism alike. The reason is simple – Healing Tao operates theologically neutral notions and techniques. Both are direct, immediate and universal – they appeal to consciousness, body, energies of a man and the Universe.

Since Universal Healing Tao is a system of practical self-perfection, it has no room left for metaphysical speculations and abstract discussions. From the very beginning the practitioner performs certain physical, breathing and meditative exercises. He learns to generate, transform and save his life force – chi. Then he is taught to consciously direct it through acupuncture channels of the body, and chi becomes his health, vitality, balanced emotions, creativity and spirit. Further on the practitioner can connect with the energies of the Universe, opening himself to primordial power of Nature. His body turns into an effectively functioning system, invulnerable for stresses, while the practitioner acquires an ability to live and act wholeheartedly, making right decisions and enjoying his very being immensely.

A huge advantage of the Universal Healing Tao system is that it is namely a system which leads the practitioner from step to step safely and consistently. UHT has three levels:

  • Level 1 is concentrated on healing energy, on strengthening the body and balancing emotions (Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Love, Iron Shirt, Tai-Chi).
  • Level 2 is focused on transforming the force of negative emotions into positive energy (Fusion 1, 2, 3).
  • Level 3 is dedicated to spiritual practices  (Lesser Kan and Li, Greater Kan and Li, Greatest Kan and Li, Congress of Heaven and Earth, Reunion of Heaven and Man).

The basic course is Microcosmic Orbit.

The Universal Healing Tao system is accessible to everybody and designed for those seeking the perfect balance of health, emotions and spirit. The greatest effect is achieved through centuries proven combination of exercises, clustered on one level. Yet the practitioner may choose separate practices and benefit a lot from them. In any case you will bring a new, inspiring quality into your life. Good luck! May chi be with you!

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