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The Basic Practices are aimed at teaching you to communicate with your body, cleanse body organs from negative energies and fill them with chi.


Basic Practices

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Sri Chinmoy

The basic course of Universal Healing Tao is designed for upgrading the body, mind and chi.

By developing our inner force and inner structure, we heal and strengthen the body and emotional or “heart” mind”, nourish and “root” the body and spirit. It is of utmost importance that we learn to make our body healthy, open and relaxed; to concentrate, save, multiply and transform our chi, to open energy channels in the body and to restore balance, harmony and inner peace; to connect with forces that are working around us and in the Universe.

The Basic course includes the following stages:

Let us dwell upon the basic practices of the Universal Healing Tao – a practitioner’s tools at every level of the system.

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