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The Inner Smile Meditation is an effective means of transforming energies of negative emotional states into your life force. It is a Taoist method of achieving deep inner harmony and balance.


Inner Smile Meditation

The Inner Smile is a seemingly simple yet a very sophisticated and effective technique for relaxing and balancing the internal organs. It promotes deep relaxation on the physical level and produces a profound sense of emotional and psychological well-being.

In the West we consider the brain to be the source of creativity, thought and emotion, while long ago Taoists established that it is the internal organs which are responsible for our emotional and psychological states. The brain is only the processor that processes information provided by the body organs. So in Taoist practice the real source of our creativity, our thoughts and our emotions are the internal organs themselves.

Just by directing energy of your smile into your organs, you can transform any negative or blocked energy stuck there into positive vital energy. The key to this transformation is the autonomic nervous system which regulates the functioning of all the organs and glands in our body. The ANS is directly activated by eyes. So to trigger the relaxation response of the ANS it is enough to soften your eyes and smile down with them to your body, slightly lifting the corners of you mouth. In the relaxation response the heart rate decreases, breathing becomes more relaxed. All digestive organs receive more blood which increases their activity. Every gland is stimulated to function more fully.

Directing smiling energy inward with care and affection to the body – each of the internal organs and glands – greatly reinforces the shift from stress response to internal relaxation. In this way any negative or blocked energy that you have is transformed into flowing and healing energy of your life force. As a means of fine balancing of emotions and establishing inner harmony the Inner Smile Meditation is unsurpassable.

Inner Smile is a brand of Mantak Chia’s system. In different versions it is found at every level of the practice – from basics to advanced levels. This is the first and most important step in Taoist practices. It helps us to develop healthy and loving relationships with ourselves. One cannot overestimate it – only having love for yourself you can share it with others and get it back.

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