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Six Healing Sounds is a series of breathing exercises, the best way to cleanse and cool your body organs, to harmonize your emotional state.


Six Healing Sounds

What to do if you are enraged or haunted by depression? If you are tortured by the cold or gastritis? If the crisis affected not only your finances but your sleep as well? Taoists have the same answer to these different questions – breathe, practice Six Healing Sounds. What are they about? (By the way, in ancient treatises this practice is called “Six Words Spell”. A spell or not, but the results are really magic.)

Six Healing Sounds are a series of breathing exercises, where a practitioner combines arm movements with producing certain sounds. Similar to other Taoist practices, the most essential ingredient is his awareness of body organs and emotions generated by them.

Since times immemorial Taoists have known that every healthy body organ produces energy of a certain emotion characterized by a concrete sound and color. Emotional problems, pollution, junk food, physical strain may cause overheating of internal organs which results in their malfunction. This leads to distortion of a sound frequency, color and energy quality inherent in every organ. Six Healing Sounds help to restore and cleanse internal organs and balance their energies. Besides they stimulate chi flow in the body which adds to vitality and good health in general.

Six Healing Sounds are one of the best methods to detoxify vitally important organs. Everyday practice will improve your digestion and sleep, prevent heart attacks and rage fits, normalize blood pressure. These physical effects equal only to their emotional counterparts – inner peace and harmony. Energetically it means a dramatic upgrading of vibration characteristics for every given body organ.

Six Healing Sounds are particularly recommended for people who tend to accumulate excessive heat in their bodies (martial arts, aerobics, stresses).

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