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The Healing Love practices teach to transform the most ample and available energy - ching-chi - into chi and shen, thus enhancing physical health, longevity and providing further spiritual growth.


Healing Love

There exists a number of methods nowadays aimed at increasing our life force – chi. Taoist teachers, however, always regarded ching-chi to be the most ample and available energy to be transformed into chi and shen. For more than 5-thousand years of Chinese history, though, methods of semen retention during a sexual intercourse was a well-kept secret. First and foremost, it was practiced by emperors themselves and their closest circle. Besides it was passed over from the father to one chosen son and, in general, was never shared with female family members. Master Chia made a real breakthrough when he started to teach the practices of Healing Love (Cultivating Sexual Energy) to men and women.

The Healing Love practices teach to preserve and multiply sexual energy, to transform ching-chi into chi and direct it in the Microcosmic Orbit. Preserving and transforming sexual energy during the sexual intercourse revive both physical and spiritual development of men and women. Turning the life-producing force in the opposite direction – from the sexual organs to the highest energy centers – and its circulation in the Orbit restores all the internal organs, strengthens and juveniles them. Mastering methods of preserving and transforming sexual energy is a substantial part in advanced stages of Taoist inner alchemy.

Sexual energy can significantly intensify our emotions, that’s why before you start practicing the Healing Love it is necessary that you should learn to control your emotions with the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds and know how to circulate chi in the Microcosmic Orbit. Those who hastily rush into cultivating sexual energies, driven by sexual desires only, can badly damage his physical and emotional health.

In the Healing Love workshop:

•Men will learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation and ways to achieve multiple orgasms without losing energy and semen.

•Women will learn to control their menstruation cycle, to get rid of PMS, to strengthen vagina muscles with a jade egg, to improve energy circulation in the lower abdomen.

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