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Yelena Fesik, UHT Certified Instructor.

It was my Mother who first told me about Taoism and its fundamental concepts – Yin-Yang theory, Wu Wei, Five Elements  (Wu Xing) and their relationships and many other things. A successful doctor, she studied acupuncture from the originator of Su Jok therapy, Professor Park Jae Woo (South Korea) himself. Our house was crammed with books on Chinese natural philosophy (that was the name of Taoism under the Soviets), Chinese traditional medicine and Chinese civilization in general, let alone huge volumes on acupuncture clinical practices. Most of the books were in English which was not very common for those times. I was the one who translated them for my Mom. She enthusiastically told me about the Five Elements illustrating her stories with examples from her practice, and everything that was going on around us was also commented upon in Wu Xing terms. If my parents were late for the theatre because, in my Dad’s opinion, it took my Mom too long to make up, and Dad, nervously rushing from the hall into the kitchen, was having a third cup of coffee, Mom explained Dad’s impatience exclusively by ‘excessive Wind in the Gall Bladder meridian’. From time to time I visited my Mother’s office, watching miracles happening – with the help of tiny needles cysts were dissolved, myomas disappeared, long-lasting allergic rhinitises were gone. So by 1995, when Master Chia’s books became available for Ukrainians, there had been no need to persuade me that chi really existed and that it worked, making one healthy or sick, cheerful or depressed. What amazed me about Universal Healing Tao was that you were able to reach perfect health and well-balanced emotions by yourself. But even more amazing were the prospects of spiritual growth that opened before a hard-working practitioner.

Many years have passed since the day I first took Master Chia’s book in my hands, but I never fail to feel grateful to my lucky stars – I got an opportunity to realize my physical, emotional and spiritual potential. Master Mantak Chia was the first to unveil the practices that were kept secret for thousands of years. And he did not merely unveil them but taught thousands of learners, generously sharing his deepest knowledge and vast experience. This is a unique gift to the whole world, which is yet to be fully appreciated. And it is absolutely great that Master’s books are published in dozens of thousands of copies in a number of languages. It means that somebody else can become healthier, happier and more independent spiritually.

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