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The Iron Shirt Chi Kung is aimed at rooting the body in the Earth - one of the key prerequisutes for spiritual development. It is also tremendously beneficial for internal organs and tendons as well as for bone marrow.


Iron Shirt Chi Kung

The Iron Shirt Chi Kung-1 is a set of exercises for connective tissues and organs. By taking certain poses, blocking muscles and using breathing techniques the practitioner learns to draw energy from the Earth and circulate it in the body. Standing poses develop rooting, while inner energy strengthens the internal organs, tendons, muscles, bones and bone marrow. Through the Iron Shirt-1 exercises the posture is improved and diseases of the musculoskeletal system are cured.

In the picture you can see UHT Certified Instructor Oliver Schicht (Germany) embracing the tree (

The Iron Shirt Chi Kung-2 is devoted to tendons. At this stage of the practice static poses mastered in the Iron Shirt-1 are developed into dynamic ones. The aim stays the same – to develop rooting and the ability to absorb and release energy through tendons. Practitioners also learn to cleanse muscles and connective tissues from toxins accumulated there.

The Iron Shirt Chi Kung-3 (Bone Marrow Nei Kung) cleanses bone marrow. The practitioner is taught to cleanse and build up bone marrow, restore sexual hormones and store them in fascias, tendons and bone marrow.

The Iron Shirt Chi Kung lays a solid foundation for spiritual practices, since it creates sound fundamentals for the spirit develpoment. Physical and psychological rooting in the Earth is vitally important at more advanced stages of Taoist practices.

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