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I am happy to offer to your kind attention videoclips from Grand Master Mantak Chia. The Russian language translation is performed by me, Yelena Fesik, UHT Associate Instructor.

All clips translated were selected in accordance with two criteria - coverage and quality of the recording.

The translation of the presented clips pursues no other goals than educational and promotional ones. I hope viewers will find it easy and natural to respect creative efforts of our teacher Grand Master Chia and those of the interpreter and never misuse the fruits of their labor. Those interested in purchase of the full version of Master Chia's videos please go to

Six Healing Sounds 

It is my special pleasure to present a series of video materials from Grand Master Mantak Chia, devoted to Six Healing Sounds. Having watched these clips, you will get a live Master class and, hopefully, will be able to feel and share a creative and spiritual atmosphere of Master Chia's retreats and workshops.

I dare recommend that you start watching from  where Master explains theoretical basics of the practice of Cosmic Healing Sounds. This video was recorded in Tao Garden (Thailand). Then you can pass on to the Sounds proper - these are six clips made in Master's retreat in France in September, 2008: lung sound - , kidney sound -, liver sound - , heart sound - , spleen sound - , triple warmer sound - .

By all means find the time to work with the Heart Sound                 . It was recorded in Thailand - with very detailed explanations. Master offers a somewhat different version of the Heart Sound, enriched by the fine work with the aura.

And, finally, the last clip - a very short classical version of Six Healing Sounds.